What men or savages Forever are silent about

27 April 2020, Mon. 19:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

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What are men or the savage Forever in Lviv silent about! We look forward to seeing you at the First Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth on April 27 at 7:00 PM.

Why go to the standup comedy "What are men silent or savage forever"?

1. Broadway's most enduring production.
2. Non-banal standup mono-play genre.
3. The unsurpassed Alex Hnatkovsky in the lead role.

Standup comedy "What Men Are Silent, or Savage FOREVER"

The monster "What Men Are Silent, or The Savage FOREVER" is based on a play by one of the most successful American family psychologists, Rob Becker. The loud Broadway staging of Stand-Up Comedy will sound in Ukrainian in Lviv.

An open conversation about women and more ...

"Oh, these women!" How often do you hear this phrase from the mouth of an annoyed man? "These men don't understand anything!" - often complain about each other girlfriends.

The fact that men and women are creatures from different planets is a perfect fact! But how do they learn to live harmoniously on Earth? How to solve this eternal conflict of the struggle of female and male principles?

What does a woman want? What are men silent about? Answers to these and other questions - will try to give one of the most talented actors of the present Alexei Gnatkovsky during the staging of a comedy in the format of stand-up "What are men silent, or Savage FOREVER".

The stand-up comedy by Rob Becker, who rightfully won the Oliver Awards and has captivated millions of viewers in nearly 50 countries for 23 years, has not only lost its relevance and popularity, but continues to garner fans this time around. Ukraine.

Choosing a stand-up genre to get all the "severity" of the problem and "hopelessness" of the situation is very symbolic, because the main and the only character in it is a person, trying to balance the scales of scales between the world of men and the space of women, portraying specific life conflicts exactly what they are, unadorned.

The subtle sparkling humor, the skillful play of the actor, the emphasis on deep psychological problems - this is not a complete list of what the idea is based on.

Charismatic dreamer Alexei Gnatkovsky knows, "What men are silent about", and will happily tell Lviv about it

"The main task of a man is to fall in love with a woman," - the actor is convinced, adding that, in addition to the warmth, light and inspiration, people need love more. According to Alexei Gnatkovsky, it is love that is a powerful force that can conquer everything. After all, "Everything in this world is created with love!" he sums up.

Buy tickets to Stand-Up Comedy "What Men Are Silent, or Savage FOREVER" and look at your daily vicissitudes with the opposite sex through the prism of a smile and a genuine desire for understanding!

Director: Davis Kolbergs

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