Dimmu borgir

27 September 2019, Fri. 19:00
Stereo Plaza. Small hall Kyiv, Lobanovskyi Ave, 119
from 43.33 EUR
from 43.33 EUR

About event

Why go to a Dimmu Borgir concert?

1. The legendary black metal band.
2. Live performance of your favorite songs.
3. New album "Eonian".

The largest black metal band of the world Dimmu Borgir in Kiev!

Black metal legend arrives in Kiev - Dimmu Borgir will present their comeback album. Symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir was created in 1993 in Norway and forever changed the world of music. After a seven-year pause, the band solemnly returned with a new album, “Eonian,” released in 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records. The symbolic Sunday of the group coincided with its 25th anniversary.

Born in the dark thoughts of the three songwriter, the frontman Shagrarat, as well as the two string magicians, Cilenos and Galder, Eonian, follows the philosophical concept of the illusion of time. “If you do not look at time from the perspective to which we are accustomed, it cannot be definite and therefore is illusory,” explains guitarist Silenos. “There is only" the eternal now ", which the title of the album hints at. When we travel between worlds seen and unseen, time perception no longer exists, it no longer has any function. Our energy is our torch and our compass, when sold through splits, delivered through - when we go beyond the limits of our world. ”

The vocalist Shagrat adds: “Eonian is the embodiment of the illusion of time, of everything that exists and will exist. For us, his release is the 25-year mark of Dimmu Borgir, and the album itself remembers our own history and the history of Norwegian black metal. ”

We meet in the metropolitan Stereo Plaza on September 27.

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