Dina Rubina

15 November 2020, Sun. 19:00
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Shine, sparkle, excitement - we will not be afraid of these words! All this awaits the viewer at the only literary concert in Ukraine by the great writer Dina Rubina (Israel) on November 15 at the Odessa Philharmonic.

Dina Rubina is a cult name, writer of a cosmic scale, author of more than 40 books translated into many languages, and winner of many literary awards. Her work sometimes causes polar responses, but leaves no one indifferent. The exciting “White dove of Cordoba”, the scandalous comic book novel “Syndicate”, the intriguing “Leonardo's Handwriting” or the juicy “On the Sunny Side of the Street” ... You open any book, swallow it for a day, and immediately begin to re-read it, tasting every word.

Dina Rubina will visit Odessa with a presentation, published in 2018 - 2019, of the magnificent three-volume “Napoleon Wagon” (Book 1 - Rowan Wedge, Book 2 - White Horses, Book 3 - Angelic Horn). A concert in two departments with answers to questions, an autograph and a photo session!

And what is Dina Rubin on stage! Her concerts have been a resounding success in Moscow and Amsterdam, St. Petersburg and Jerusalem, Washington and Berlin. And now Dina Rubina performs in Ukraine with a big concert from two parts. It’s a rarity to see Dina Ilyinichna on stage, she is always in literary work. In this case, Kiev is on its route sheet between the Baltic states and Kazakhstan. It will be a kaleidoscope concert, extravaganza concert. Dina Rubina will appear in an unexpected role. “... On the stage - a flurry of jokes, a carnival of dozens of characters all rolled into one. And I want to shout out, as one of those present: “You can’t imagine how we love you!” Says Echo of Moscow. Here is what Our Our Newspaper writes about her recital in Houston: “She keeps on stage like a housewife who takes, takes, entertains guests wandering around the corner. It seems that everything is being told exactly to you, a conversation is being held with you ... And the grateful listeners are laughing excitedly, then freezing ... ”

The genre of a literary concert allows you to plunge into the bizarre worlds of Dina Rubina. Her texts in the author's performance are an incredible unity of the subtlest - in all the nuances and shades! - Russian language, unique style, humor - to tears, and the piercing wisdom of talking about life. Therefore, the arrival of Dina Rubina in Kiev is a gift not only to readers and fans, but also to all lovers of a juicy word, a bright sense of humor, a strong thought!

Performance in Russian.