Disco 80 'Thomas Anders, Sandra, Ottawan, Fancy

1 March 2019, Fri. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
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from 22.73 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the Disco 80 '?

1. To see the living legends of the 80s pop scene.
2. Get a charge of positive emotions.
3. Dance to your favorite hits.

March 1, the first day of spring, a real gift will be a grand festival "Disco 80" with the participation of pop legends: THOMAS ANDERS, SANDRA, OTTAWAN, FANSY!

We invite everyone to a celebration of good music, romantic memories, a fantastic, exciting show, which combines the fiery rhythms of the 80s, the colorful costumes of the participants, ultra-modern set design, spectacular performances and original creative finds. Holiday, love, sensations of carefree youth, all this we wish for ourselves and this atmosphere will absorb everyone at the Disco 80 festival.

The Disco 80 festival is a three-hour dance and music marathon filled with favorite eurodance rhythms and hits, or, say, HITS, performed by real world pop stars, legendary idols of several generations: THOMAS ANDERS, SANDRA, OTTAWAN, FANCY!

Yes Yes! In person, these evening headliners will appear on the stage of the capital’s Sports Palace and bring you to ecstasy with their hits: Cheri Cheri Lady, Brothers Loui, My Heart, Mary Magdalena, Everlasting Love, In The Heart Of The Night (Sandra), DISCO, Hands Up, Crazy Music (Ottawan), Flames of Love, Bolero (Fancy) and many other songs that set the pace for absolutely all discos in the 80s! One has only to begin to hum these words, as a continuation in my head instantly resounds. That is how brilliantly they imprinted on the memory of millions!

THOMAS ANDERS - the legend of world pop music, the founder and soloist of the group "Modern Talking", charming and unsurpassed, one of the most famous and popular performers, who for 40 years has been at the peak of his fame, surrounded by millions of fans.

SANDRA is the queen of the pop Olympus. After the collapse of the disco band "Arabesque", in which in 1979-1984. Sandra was a leading vocalist, the singer began a successful solo career, becoming one of the most popular singers on the European stage of the second half of the 80s - early 90s. In the 90s, Sandra also participated in the Enigma project, created by her ex-husband Michel Cretu.

OTTAWAN - French disco duet, which became popular in the early 80s. In the late 70s, Frenchman Jean-Baptist Patrick, after graduating from school, came to Paris from Guadeloupe, where he met with producer Daniel Wangard. The most famous were their hits “DISCO”, “Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)”, “Crazy Music”.

FANCY is a famous producer, author and pop singer, the real name is Manfred Alois Zegit, a German singer, performing songs in the styles of Italo Disco and Eurodisco. The peak of his popularity came in the middle and end of the 80s. A unique performer who won the hearts of the public once and for all.

So, here everyone will find a use for their dancing skills and will not be able to curb vocal impulses! Music is a language that unites, and music of the eighties is a whole era in the history and hearts of generations. The organizers do not reveal all the secrets of the upcoming show, but now we can say with confidence: it will be a stunner that will become the main musical event of this spring.

Do not miss the opportunity to dive headlong into the grand festival, Disco 80s time machine with the participation of legendary performers, after which you will come to your senses for a long time and return to everyday life!