27 October 2018, Sat. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
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from 22.73 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the Disco 80s?

1. The main musical event of autumn.
2. Music is a language that unites, and music of the eighties is a whole epoch in the history and hearts of generations.
3. Here everyone will find an application for their dance skills and will not be able to curb vocal impulses!

October 27 at 19:00 in the Palace of Sports will host a grand festival "Disco 80" with the participation of pop legends: CCCatch, Joy, Bad Boys Blue, Lian Ross!

We invite all connoisseurs of good music to a fantastic, exciting show, in which the incendiary rhythms of the 80s, colorful costumes of participants, ultramodern scenography, spectacular productions and original creative finds are harmoniously combined. You will return to carefree loud youth, and someone - and in childhood!

The festival "Disco 80" is a three-hour dance and music marathon filled with favorite eurodance rhythms and hits, or say "HITYARAM", performed by real world pop stars, legendary idols of several generations: CCCatch, Joy, Bad Boys Blue, Lian Ross!

Yes Yes! These headliners of the evening will appear on the stage of the capital's Palace of Sports and bring you to a raging ecstasy with their own personalities: I Can Lose My Heart Tonight, Heaven And Hell, Cause You Are Young (CCCatch), You're A Woman, Pretty Young Girl, Come Back And Stay, The Power of The Night (Bad Boys Blue), Touch by touch, Hello, Valerie (Joy), Say You'll Never (Lian Ross) and many other songs that set the pace to absolutely all discos in the 80s !!

It is only necessary to start singing these words, as in the head an instantaneous sequel is heard. That's how brilliantly they are imprinted in the memory of millions!

CCCatch - it is rightly called the "Queen of the Eurodisc". Carolina Katharina Müller is a German singer of Dutch descent who gained fame under the stage name CC Catch. The star rose when it was noticed by the German composer and member of the Modern Talking group Dieter Bohlen. In 1985, right on Carolina's birthday, the song I Can Lose My Heart Tonight was released as her debut single, which immediately became a hit throughout Europe. And a year later her first album was released. Since then, millions of fans have remained faithful to their favorite performer throughout her creative career.

Bad Boys Blue - a cult group of the 80's and 90's. , performing Eurodance. In its history, Bad Boys Blue released about 30 hit singles that hit the charts of many countries around the world. It is hardly possible to find people who at one time did not light under "You're A Woman" or "Come Back And Stay". Herb McCoy ex-Bad Boys Blue is one of the band's soloists, a unique performer who has won the hearts of the public once and for all.

Joy is the legendary Austrian band, the authors of world-famous hits Touch by Touch, Hello and Valerie. The work of the team was a tremendous success not only in Europe, but conquered Asia and America.

Lian Ross is a singer, songwriter and composer. The wife of the Spanish music producer Luis Rodriguez. She became famous after the first single "Fantasy", which was released in 1986. But her main hit and business card was the song "Say You'll Never".

Despite the fact that while the organizers do not disclose all the secrets of the upcoming show, we can now confidently say that it will be a spectacular sight, which will become the main musical event of the autumn.

Do not miss the opportunity to dive headlong into the grandiose festival, the time machine "Disco 80" with the participation of legendary performers, after which you will still come to your senses and return to everyday life!