3 August 2019, Sat. 19:00
CARIBBEAN club Kyiv, Petlyury st. 4
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from 6.33 EUR
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About event

Why go to the Dislocados concert?

1. Saturated mix of high quality sound and full impact on music
2. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of genuine inflammatory salsa
3. You do not fit the dance rhythms on the spot

Your soul and body are full of emotions from good music? Or maybe you still love to dance? Then the next announcement is for you!
We will talk about Ukrainian musicians, without which there would not be Latin American jazz and salsa in our country!

In 2004, Ilya Yeresko (Ukraine), a pianist, renowned composer and jazzman, along with lead vocalist Carolina Patotsky (USA), created a band called DISLOCADOS, which included professional musicians who were directly involved with this music and culture. Thanks to its own ambitious ideas and the prompt desire for their implementation, the band gained recognition very quickly not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Currently, on the account of the band 3 studio discs!
DISLOCADOS has traveled tours of more than 20 countries (from the European Union to Morocco), played nearly 1,500 concerts on the territory of Ukraine and received awards at the famous international competition Independent Music Awards.

DISLOCADOS is the only band in Ukraine that professionally plays Latin-American Salsa music. Thanks to the endeavors in DISLOCADOS, the group's musicians have achieved success and recognition in many other musical directions and have amazing and interesting stories about starting their creative career in the band, their passion for salsa music and Latin American culture.
During this concert, each participant of the band by means of music will tell his own story, show himself in the identities of the idols of the Ukrainian salsa, because each musician individually, and they together constantly continue to create unique music due to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian spirit. We invite you to an interesting "journey" along with Ukrainian salsa idols!

Listen to DISLOCADOS, because we do "Ukrainian"!
Come to DISLOCADOS and you will see a real show!
Dance with DISLOCADOS, you know it!
Feel DISLOCADOS because we play with your heart!