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Dity Inzheneriv

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Dity Inzheneriv in Odesa is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2024-04-13 в 18:30 on the МІЖНАРОДНИЙ КУЛЬТУРНИЙ ЦЕНТР "УНІОН", Odesa.
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Already this spring, there are 4 charity concerts of the band Children of Engineers. The heart warms, because we announce such events!

Children of engineers, flowers of interiors, heirs of inventors... You can continue searching for synonyms to describe this band, but what's the point if you understand well who we're talking about. Whatever you call them, they're either one of your all-time favorite bands, or a band you've 100% heard of and will absolutely love.

▪️13.04 – Odesa, UNION Cultural Center
▪️27.04 – Lviv, !FESTrepublic
▪️11.05 – Dnipro, Poplavok Music Hall
▪️25.05 – Kyiv, Atlas