Match girl

2 June 2019, Sun. 20:00
Center of Contemporary Art "DAKH" Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska str., 136
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from 9.09 EUR
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About event

Solo performance based on KLIM’s play “The Girl with Matches”

Director - Vladislav Troitsky
Starring - Elena Lesnikova

... when a girl decides to make matches,
she uses these resources not for action,
but for fantasy ...
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, "Running with Wolves"

“Match Girl” is a hundred-minute reflection. The task is to explain what a theater and an actor are in the match box. Retelling the content of the play without the desired box is not easy. For the author, the most important task was probably to write a women's play, once again recalling death and the fact that life is finite, intermittent, “not involved”, that there is a lot of suffering, dreams, sensations, global misunderstanding of oneself in it. And being yourself is the strangest and most unclaimed art.

“Lesnikova’s voice is beautiful. The performance takes place in complete darkness, so it is the voice that can be fully appreciated. At least understand how blind people fall in love. There is no shadow of recitation in it, all the time I want to speak with her right during the performance. Begin to explain and disagree, scold for nonsense or recall similar instances of their lives. Unfortunately, the format of the performance did not suggest the viewer's excessive talkativeness ”, - S. Vorontsov.

Performance in Russian.