DIVINE PEOPLE. Good at home, and away for free

28 August 2020, Fri. 19:00
House of Architect Kyiv, Boris Grinchenko Street, 7
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from 5.00 EUR
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DIVINE PEOPLE. Good at home, and away for free in Kyiv - photo #1 divni-lyudi-doma-horosho-a-v-gostjah-besplatno_budinok-arhitektora_280820201900_477
DIVINE PEOPLE. Good at home, and away for free in Kyiv - photo #2 divni-lyudi-doma-horosho-a-v-gostjah-besplatno_budinok-arhitektora_280820201900_591
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DIVINE PEOPLE. Good at home, and away for free in Kyiv - photo #5 divni-lyudi-doma-horosho-a-v-gostjah-besplatno_budinok-arhitektora_280820201900_509
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DIVINE PEOPLE. Good at home, and away for free in Kyiv - photo #7 divni-lyudi-doma-horosho-a-v-gostjah-besplatno_budinok-arhitektora_280820201900_689

About event

DIVINE PEOPLE. Well at home, and away for free in Kiev! We are waiting for you 2020-04-03 at 19:30 at the site of the Architect's House, Kiev.
You can buy tickets for DIVNI PEOPLE. Well at home, and away for free on Concert.ua online. And also place an order with delivery by courier or pick up an order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

Getting a dose of subtle humor and fun is easy! April 3, the day of fools, the actors of the theater "Divine People" will gather on one stage to please the viewer, make them laugh and charge with a good mood. Do not miss the premiere of the comedy performance “It's good at home, but away for free ” in Kiev! This comedy performance will brighten up your evening and will be remembered for a long time!

Why is it worth going to a performance from the theater Divnі People?

1. Author's productions, live music and a huge dose of humor.
2. The ability to easily and naturally spend time. Get to know ourselves and laugh at problems that we don’t even notice in the bustle of our lives
3. Emotional lift and good mood are guaranteed

Nowadays, we are less likely to visit each other. Unfortunately, this tradition goes into oblivion. Today, going on a visit is already more rare. More and more often we gather with relatives and friends in restaurants, cafes or coffee houses. It’s simpler and easier, there is no need to cook, and then clean, wash a mountain of dishes and all that. However, sitting in some institutions, we are surrounded by strangers, noise, music and, unfortunately, there is no atmosphere for a heart-to-heart talk. We just exchange some news or quickly show photos from smartphones.

Away in a completely different way, the whole atmosphere becomes trusting. We can laugh heartily without worrying what people at the next table will think of us. We can play board games, dance as we want, or just talk for hours. It’s also good to visit , but at home - clean, wash, stroke.

In order to do something nice and beautiful, you need to know the basics and rules, because when we buy equipment, we look at the instructions, but sometimes we forget that almost everything that surrounds us has similar instructions.

So, if we are going to visit friends, we must remember the basic rules:

  1. O tortured guest leaves before the host gets angry.
  2. Leave for guests before guests come to you
  3. If you abide by the rules of etiquette, you will leave angry, sober and hungry!
  4. On a visit you have to be a camel ... Eat and drink so that at least a week is enough.

If you remember this, everything around will become much more pleasant and easier. And yes, let's go visit each other - it's so great!

But to whom the actors of the Theater Divnі people will come to visit , you can find out at the premiere of the play “It’s good at home, but away for free ”. H ow ever observations of life, unexpected twists and virtuosic harping on theater actors Artem Novikov, Yury Gromov Vitaly Serditova. Frank dialogs, sparkling jokes and realistic transformations of actors on stage will give a lot of pleasure.

Theater stand-up - this is how you can characterize the genre in which we work. Divine people are life stories, observations, inner experiences which actors share with the viewer. It is also a unique combination of the ongoing action with live music performed by invited talented musical groups. All this eventually turned into a symbiosis of the Theater and Stand up. That's what the theater is Divnі people.

Gentlemen, we invite you to the reckless, but full of charisma theater "Divine People"!

The performance in Russian

Age limit 16+