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STRANGE PEOPLE. How to live without mat?

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STRANGE PEOPLE. How to live without mat? in Kyiv - photo №1 divni-lyudi-jak-zhiti-bez-matu-01_budinok-arhitektora_011220231900_622
STRANGE PEOPLE. How to live without mat? in Kyiv - photo №2 divni-lyudi-jak-zhiti-bez-matu-01_budinok-arhitektora_011220231900_658
STRANGE PEOPLE. How to live without mat? in Kyiv - photo №3 divni-lyudi-jak-zhiti-bez-matu-01_budinok-arhitektora_011220231900_741
STRANGE PEOPLE. How to live without mat? in Kyiv - photo №4 divni-lyudi-jak-zhiti-bez-matu-01_budinok-arhitektora_011220231900_593
STRANGE PEOPLE. How to live without mat? in Kyiv - photo №5 divni-lyudi-jak-zhiti-bez-matu-01_budinok-arhitektora_011220231900_772

About event

We continue to support and help each other. For psycho-emotional release, we invite you to light comedy performances by the "DIVNI LUDY" theater.

It's very easy to get a dose of subtle humor and fun! On December 1, 2023, the actors of the STRANGE PEOPLE theater will gather on one stage to talk about what was important in peaceful life and will definitely be, as well as to please the audience, make them laugh and charge them with a good mood. Do not miss the comedy "How to live without mat?" December 1, 2023 in Kyiv!

What is checkmate? Mat - necessity, self-expression or unacceptable phenomenon of our life?

The fact is that 55 percent of people, according to statistics, say that we cannot live without mat. This does not mean that we will only be on it and talk from morning to night. It is part of our life. And the main thing, as many have said, is to know when you can and should do without a strong word.

The higher the level of a person's upbringing - this does not mean that a person does not know this mat. The level of culture determines the moment when he uses this mate, and when he thinks that it can be done or not, and how he feels about it.

So we thought about this topic and decided to analyze our whole life under the prism of our view. Let's try to figure out how, and most importantly, is it possible to live in our country without a mat?

A huge dose of humor, unexpected twists and virtuosic acting by the actors of the "DIVNI LYUDI" theater. Open dialogues, sparkling jokes and of course, in the best traditions of the theater, live author's music.

Theatrical stand-up - this is how you can characterize the genre in which we work. Strange people are life stories, observations, inner experiences that the actors share with the audience. Also, it is a unique combination of the fact that performances take place in interaction with live music performed by invited talented musical groups. All this eventually turned into a symbiosis of Theater and Stand up. This is what the theater "STRANGE PEOPLE" is.

The favorite atmosphere, emotional elation and good mood will cheer up and strengthen everyone.

Gentlemen, we invite you to the unusual, but full of charisma theater "WONDERFUL PEOPLE"!

The performance is in Ukrainian. Age restriction 16+

Before meeting!