12 July 2020, Sun. 19:00
Surf OLO Club Kyiv, Muromets park, X-park territory
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from 6.67 EUR
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DIVINE PEOPLE. POWER IS, WOULD BE MIND! in Kyiv - photo #1 divni-lyudi-sila-est-uma-by_surf-olo-club_120720201900_963
DIVINE PEOPLE. POWER IS, WOULD BE MIND! in Kyiv - photo #2 divni-lyudi-sila-est-uma-by_surf-olo-club_120720201900_458
DIVINE PEOPLE. POWER IS, WOULD BE MIND! in Kyiv - photo #3 divni-lyudi-sila-est-uma-by_surf-olo-club_120720201900_936
DIVINE PEOPLE. POWER IS, WOULD BE MIND! in Kyiv - photo #4 divni-lyudi-sila-est-uma-by_surf-olo-club_120720201900_254
DIVINE PEOPLE. POWER IS, WOULD BE MIND! in Kyiv - photo #5 divni-lyudi-sila-est-uma-by_surf-olo-club_120720201900_358
DIVINE PEOPLE. POWER IS, WOULD BE MIND! in Kyiv - photo #6 divni-lyudi-sila-est-uma-by_surf-olo-club_120720201900_524

About event

Dear friends, after a long forced pause, having sat in quarantine, we are very pleased to invite you to the theater "Divine People" on July 12 at the premiere of the comedy "There is Strength, I wish I could!" We miss you very much and look forward to seeing you!

The event will take place on the open street venue SURF OLO CAFÉ in X-PARK, observing the distance and all the necessary sanitary recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for cultural events. This comedy performance will brighten up your summer evening and will be remembered for a long time!

Why is it worth going to a performance from the Divnі People Theater?

  1. Author's productions, live music and a huge dose of humor.
  2. An opportunity to spend time easily and naturally. Get to know ourselves and laugh at problems that we don’t even notice in the bustle of our lives.
  3. Emotional lift and good mood are guaranteed!

“The Earth has boundaries, human stupidity is limitless,” Gustave Flaubert wrote. It drove him crazy.

Trying to determine the extent of stupidity is a futile undertaking, which is why research on the human mind is usually devoted to examples of the most brilliant intellect. Nevertheless, such a big difference between people cannot but cause questions. If the mind is an evolutionary advantage, then why aren’t we equally intelligent? Or maybe the slow-witted lives better? And why do even the most intelligent people sometimes commit stupid things?

If you ask people to create a list of unpleasant events from their own lives, the cause of which were their own mistakes (any - from the moment they forgot about the exam, to the case when they caught an infection, because they did not use a condom), then those who have a high level of critical thinking, this list will be shorter.

At the same time, one who commits stupidity can look at things differently, therefore, acts on the basis of his opinion and desire.

Each of us can sometimes behave stupidly, so the best we can do is to pay attention to our inner life and give maximum benevolence to the outside world.

And in this performance we will analyze our stupid actions and, having drawn conclusions, we may be able to increase our critical thinking.

A huge dose of humor, unexpected twists and virtuoso play by the actors of the theater “Divine People” by Artem Novikov, Yuri Gromovoy and Vitaly Serditov. Frank dialogs, sparkling jokes and of course, in the best traditions of the theater, live author's music.

Theater stand-up - this is how we can characterize the genre in which we work. “Wonderful people” are life stories, observations, the inner experiences of which the actors share with the audience. It is also a unique combination of the ongoing action with live music performed by invited talented musical groups. All this eventually turned into a symbiosis of the Theater and Stand UP. This is what the “Divnі People” Theater is like.

Gentlemen, we invite you to the reckless, but full of charisma theater "Divine People"!

PS Age limit is 16+.

The performance is in Russian.