6 February 2020, Thu. 18:00
UNIT.Сity Kyiv, Dorohozhytska St, 3
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR

About event

Effective you! in Kyiv! We are waiting for you on February 6 at 18:00 at UNIT.City.

Why is it worth going to Effective you! in Kyiv?

1. Be yourself and inspire others!
2. Declare yourself and your talents!
3. Act and change people's lives for the better!

In Kyiv, with the support of VIDEOZHARA, a meeting of women will take place whose life has changed due to blogging on YouTube

On February 6, at Unit City, Ukrainian media stars and famous bloggers will share their experience and help raise funds for the treatment of cancer by the author of the channel Kristino4ka20. The meeting will be moderated by Olha Royenko, CEO of Royenko Marketing Agency. The conference’s special guest will be YouTube’s official representative.

Who is inspiring?

Yanina Sokolova and Sabina Musina, Masha Sebova and Ila Kuznetsova, Olena Hrytsai and Khrystyna Hmyrianska. So beautiful and so different. What unites them all? Each of them is a creator, which was realized or appeared in a new role thanks to YouTube.

Of course, not from scratch Yanina Sokolova is a famous TV presenter; Sabina Musina - a businessman; Masha Sebova - a journalist; Olena Hrytsai - actress. But it was on YouTube that they discovered new opportunities for the development and creation of content, changing society and the world.

If you look at the United States, women make up only 19% of the total number of creators on YouTube. In addition, women publish 30% less of the videos they create than men. As for the global scale, this figure is much smaller - and this is insulting. Therefore, one of the priorities of YouTube for 2020 is the support and development of the female audience of creators. And at our meeting in Kyiv you will see that this is the right way. - Says Elizaveta Likhina, YouTube’s official representative in the East European region, who will be the special guest of the meeting and explain why YouTube is so not indifferent to the fate of women creators.

Blogging Helps

How to find the courage to start, despite the critics (including internal ones)? Where to begin? What and where to study? How much time does it take? And - the main question - for what and what's next? Answers to these and other points that interest many of us will come from the mouths of famous influencers on February 6, 2020 at Unit City.

Special attention should be paid to the story of blogger Khrystyna Hmyrianska. Having learned about the terrible diagnosis of breast cancer, she did not fold her hands, but began to share her way of overcoming the disease with subscribers.

Cancer and positive? Christina proves that it is possible and necessary to fight, and again, by her own example, in practice, she demonstrates how this can be done. YouTube became its mouthpiece and platform - and who knows how many women unexpectedly received moral support and the strength not to give up, just by looking at one of Kristinin’s videos. This girl is a living example of how you can change yourself and change your attitude to life thanks to the capabilities of YouTube. And a daily reminder for us that there are many open paths for self-realization. - Says Maria Velichko, the organizer of the event.

The organizers will give 150 hryvnias from each ticket sold to Khrystyna Hmyrianska for treatment.

The program of the event:

18:00 - registration of participants
19:00 - Terri Scriven
Creator Lead, EMEA, London

19:20 - Elizabeth Likhina & Ekaterina Kolesnikova
Partner Operations Managers, YouTube
YouTube Female power

19:40 - Sabina Musina

20:10 - Ioannina Sokolova

20:40 - Girl talk
Bee mama (Olena Hrytsai)
Kristino4ka20 (Khrystyna Hmyrianska)
Ila Kuznetsova
Masha Sebova
Olya Shelby

22:00 - end of the event

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