For you, sweetheart ....

3 March 2019, Sun. 17:00
National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Kyiv, Kiev, B. Vasilkovskaya, 103, m. "The Palace of Ukraine".
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Why go to the concert For you, dear?

1. Listen to old and new songs about the main thing.
2. See your favorite artists of Ukrainian variety in new strange roles.
3. Give your women the holiday of the spring, which they dreamed about.

March 3, 2019 in the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" will be a traditional spring concert "For you, dear ...".

This year, it will be especially festive and romantic. Songs about love, unexpected duets, impressive productions, a variety of music and dance for every taste are all that you can share with your loved ones and meet the long-awaited spring together.

Participants of the concert are: Ivo Bobul, Pavlo Zibrov, Svetlana and Vitaliy Bilonozhki, Allv Kudlai, Dima Kolyadenko, Katerina Buzhinska, Mykola Svidyuk, Natalia Valevskaya, Pavlo Dvorsky, Tetyana Piskareva, Nadia Shestak, Anatoly Matviychuk, Tetyana Dokanina, Hetman Quartet , Dmitry and Nazariy Yaremchuky, Nina Kozachuk, Artem Kondratyuk, Marina Kolomiets, Andriy Ishchenko, Petro Chorny, Oleg Shak, Roksolana, Freistayl and others.

We are waiting for you on the holy song - "For you, my dear ...."