Dmitry Gordon

13 August 2018, Mon. 19:00
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
from 6.06 EUR
from 6.06 EUR

About event

Why go to the creative evening of Dmitry Gordon?

1. "Simple answers to the difficult questions" - a priceless opportunity not only to hear the wise thoughts of Dmitry Gordon, but also to put his questions bright personality.
2. Get helpful tips and tune in to positive.
3. Live conversations should never be replaced by releases on TV and radio.

At the numerous appeals of the public, the second time in Odessa, will be the creative evening of Dmitry Gordon - a journalist, TV presenter and founder of the Internet publication "GORDON".

Creative encounters of Dmitry Gordon peculiar a special atmosphere of sincerity and openness that is so close to the Odessa intellectuals. This time, the creative meeting will be held at the very height of the summer, in the most beautiful and most famous theater of Odessa - the Theater of Opera and Ballet. The magnificent hall, with a huge history, will accept the interested Odessa citizens and guests of our city.

Odintsy well remember that the first creative evening of Dmitry Gordon "Eyes in the eyes" within the framework of an all-Ukrainian tour took place exactly in Odessa in November 2017. With what interest and excitement the journalists met the viewers, the meeting lasted more than 3 hours, but how many questions remain. Special guests have become a pleasant surprise for the viewers at the previous meeting, and Dmitry Gordon likes to be surprised and the new meeting will also be full of surprises.

The author has more than 50 books to tell about the lives of many legendary people in the world. Immaculate Dmitry Gordon, from the age of 17, interviewed prominent people, including athletes, actors, businessmen, politicians, who, in frank conversations, revealed his attitude to thousands of people who were concerned about issues and spoke many exciting stories from their lives.

Dmitry Gordon's creative meeting is an opportunity to chat with an outspoken person who receives first-hand information and for which there are no prohibited topics. Proponents of intellectual journalism all over the country are waiting for creative evenings, because only here are allowed "unauthorized" and "provocative" questions. Dmitry Gordon gives an honest answer to any question that concerns the viewer, from economics and politics to personal topics.

The life experience and wisdom accumulated by him can not but be of interest, and communicating with him is a powerful intellectual surge.

A well-known journalist will again have an Eye-to-Eye evening. This will be a new meeting, new questions, new and interesting answers, there will never be repetitions in his creative evenings, only new stories and impressions.

The Creative Eye-to-Eye Meeting is a great opportunity to get simple answers to difficult questions.

"I know well what I do and why, and I'm happy that it finds a living response in the hearts of millions of people. See you!".

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