Dmitry Komarov "Extreme Brazil"

15 June 2019, Sat. 13:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 6.33 EUR
from 6.33 EUR

About event

Why should I go to a meeting with Dmitry Komarov?

1. Listen to interesting stories from Dmitry Komarov.
2. Survive the brightest emotions, plunging into the world of travel with Dmitry.
3. See the idol of millions.

Dmitry Komarov brings "Extreme Brazil" to Kyiv!

The well-known Ukrainian traveler, the host of the program "World Invisible" Dmitry Komarov will share exclusive details of the new adventures of the team in Brazil, which have not yet seen the audience.

Are you ready We meet on June 15 at 13:00 in Freedom Hall, Kiev.

The TV host will tell about a unique expedition to the tribe of Janomami, one of the most isolated peoples in the world. The "Invisible World" team became the first journalists who were able to take away the life and ancient rituals of the inhabitants of this tribe.

Dmitry will share how he managed to get into the very heart of the country's main carnival in Rio de Janeiro and become a member of it, to go to the samhadrom among the best dancers of Brazilian schools and take out unique shots. Dmitry Komarov during a shooting took part in one of the most mysterious places in the world, the Lensoy-Maraniens desert, which is equally in the beauty of which it is not necessary to search, has experienced the hunting of giant crabs in mangrove forests and tried the shocking delicacies of the local population.

These and many other exciting stories Dmitry Komarov will tell at the master class on June 15.

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