Dmitry Romanov. New and better

29 April 2020, Wed. 19:00
HC KPI Kyiv, Victory Avenue 37
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from 11.67 EUR
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March 20 at 19:00 at the Palace of Culture of KPI humor without vulgarity from the resident of the great Stand-up Comedy Club Production Dmitry Romanov. Invited guests: Anton Tymoshenko and Sergey Lipko.
Dmitry Romanov is a colorful inhabitant of Odessa, who jokes about life situations that are familiar to all, while avoiding vulgarity and brutality. According to Dmitry, we are lacking in such bright and kind humor now.

The stand up genre has become incredibly popular. Perhaps the most important role in this was played by the TNT channel, namely a series of comedy projects and shows that aired. The program "Stand Up" allowed young artists to declare themselves and be realized on stage by the authors of sparkling topical jokes. Among the best humorists is the name of Dmitry Romanov.

The tall, thin young man (Dmitry's weight, according to some reports, 69 kg at height 191 cm), jokes about his own appearance, about relationships with girls and about everyday problems that are close to everyone. Dmitry does not hide his Jewish nationality. A young man with his peculiar humor says that this is immediately apparent from his appearance and to deny this fact would be unwise.

And he smartly improvises with the audience, so choose the front row seats if you're brave enough;)

And at the warming up guys will also not miss! The invited guests are the most promising Kyiv humorists Anton Tymoshenko and Sergey Lipko.
Anton Tymoshenko - an intelligent comedian, jokes about society's foolishness to somehow justify his own. He loves so much social comedy that if he were to raise money on a Privat Bank card, he would drop half the amount needed and even pay a commission. A member of the League of Laughs, two-time winner of the TV show Laugh Comedian, resident of the Underground Stand Up Club.
Sergei Lipko is a stand-up comedian, screenwriter, co-author of Toronto Television and a resident of The Underground Stand Up Project. Sergei is working to make people understand what a standup is and to know that there is one in Ukraine. In 200 years, Sergey would create a 21st Century Amusement Park: "It would be something like Jurassic Park, but with cheap smartphones and dilapidated cars. There, people could ride a packed shuttle bus, pay for a communal queue, try everything what I hope will be gone in two hundred years. "

Today the standup genre has become popular and has grown into a category of viewers and listeners. Each new concert, in which the speakers share their painful stories, is eagerly awaited. This is an amazing show where the participants make fun of themselves and sometimes the audience. Here humor is presented as "on a platter with a blue border" flavored with an extraordinary portion of satire mixed with cynicism and self-indulgence. It is an almost improvised show in which participants not only tell simple and comprehensible stories in a language known to all in the world, in a language of humor, but also sometimes communicate with the audience, leading to new bursts of healthy, genuine and highly contagious laughter.

You will be able to relax, laugh heartily and have a nice "reboot" during the concert! And all this - March 24 at the Palace of Students of the National University. Yaroslav the Wise on Stand-up in UA by Dmitry Romanov!

The duration of the program is 1.5 hours. The show program is presented in Russian. Recommended for ages 16 and over.

Dmitry Romanov. New and better in Kiev! We look forward to seeing you at 2020-03-20 at 19:00 at the location of KPI Palace of Culture, Kiev.
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