DniPRO GogolFest

27 - 29 September 2019 22:00
First Dnipro Telecenter Dnipro, Televiziyna str, 3
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from 13.33 EUR
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About event

The DniPro GogolFest - a teleport in the dimension of creativity, interaction and post-modernity will be held on September 27-29 in Dnipro.

The festival is an opportunity to feel the world of contemporary art for anyone who enters the territory, touches the creative flow.

The main location of DniPRO GogolFest will be the Area of the first Dnipro television studio - now the territory of Contrabas video production film studio and UA: Dnipro TV channel. It was from over 60 years ago that the first television broadcast in the region was launched, from here it was forged and reproduced to be inserted into every television set.

Movie studios are 3-4 hectares with movie pavilions, alleys, steep office and industrial buildings, old buses, industrial swimming pools, a bomb shelter and a large apricot garden.

The film studio will become an anomalous area with a high level of contemporary art per square meter, where something will happen constantly - theater performances, art exhibitions, street performances, musical performances, children's interactivity, philosophical discussions, master classes.

The subscription gives access to 2 nights and 2 days to the Studio and all the events in its territory. Namely:
Theater - in specially equipped movie pavilions they will show the Ukrainian-French performance “The shadow”, the German-Ukrainian documentary performance “11x11 Questions to Ukraine”, the play of the DAH “Son Alice” theater directed by Vlad Troitsky.

Theatrical residences are shows of experience between Ukrainian actors and foreign directors, which will be created during the preparation of the festival.

Performative program - more than 10 street and side-specific productions not in the classical theatrical scene, but in unsuitable places, which allows a new interaction with the audience and space.

Visual program - more than 150 artists from Ukraine and abroad will create their own projects and installations. The concept of the visual program is "Communication" - about communication and interaction with the surrounding space, with our inner self, about correspondence through mail and on social networks, about the technologies we use for mass communication, mass media and cinema inclusive.

Music program - where participants will be the main stage freak-cabaret Dakh Daughters, social rave band TseSho, Dnieper electro-acoustic formation DZ'OB, ethno-electronic band Oy Sound System, Belarusian Cold Wave trio of Super Besse and others.

Night - electronic scene where DJ Tapolsky, Elektro Guzzi, Nestor and others play.

Educational program “Wall Grammar School” - more than 35 day and night events, lectures, screenings, master classes.

In total during the DniPRO GogolFest more than 100 events will take place on the territory of the Film Studio in 2 days and 2 nights.

The festival takes place in Dnipro with the initiative and support of the partner general - the Cultural Capital Program.

Other dates


28 September 2019 19:00

Aero cosmic museum, Dnipro

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