Dobro Dobro Halva by Vorobushek Theater

7 December 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR
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About event

Sparrow will show the world's only comedy performance in the style of the Indian Zibro “Good Welcome Halva” (the only one because we invented the Zibro style ourselves.

This is a story-tale about the great sage who solves the problems and troubles of all who come to him. It may seem to you that this is a classic and banal plot, well then, probably, you are not familiar with the Vorobushek International Theater of Absurdity yet. "Good Welcome Halva" is a mix of everything you know in one bottle. This is a comedy of the absurd that will appeal to both the small and the old. It just needs to be seen once.

If you do not have enough trust and faith in this performance, here are some phrases that will make you believe: “This is an INCREDIBLE FUNNY PERFORMANCE”, “THIS IS SIMPLY BRIEF”, “There are people who said that it’s the best thing that they have ever seen it! ”,“ Rumor has it that this performance was brought under the protection of UNESCO ”,“ BOMBA-CHIC ”.