The doctor knows everything

19 June 2019, Wed. 19:00
from 9.09 EUR
from 9.09 EUR
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Why should go to the play "The Doctor knows everything"?

1. Eternal topics that will always be relevant.
2. Unsurpassed play of actors will make you look without stopping.
3. Interesting stage decisions.

June 19 at the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy, you can see a truly amazing production. "The Doctor Knows Everything" is not a sitcom. It is better to call the play “a comedy of one position”, in which all the heroes of the play found themselves.

At first glance, it’s quite a casual situation: two people come to the doctor to pour out their mental problems. Only here the patients are not people at all, but an angel and a demon. At what problems they have such that it becomes generally incomprehensible: who should help the doctor? They, myself or all of humanity at once? Difficult relations of representatives of light and darkness will certainly make the audience laugh ... and perhaps cry.

"The Doctor knows everything" is put in the best traditions of theatrical comedy genre. You will certainly remember this evening, because today it is very difficult to find ideas that give those who have come not only to laugh uncontrollably, but also to think seriously about what is happening. Director of the play - Oleg Fomin. He also plays in a play. In addition, the roles are played by Vladimir Feklenko and Alexey Makarov. The duration of the comedy is 2 hours and 20 minutes (with intermission). Waiting for you!