House on the edge of the soul

7 November 2018, Wed. 19:00
from 1.36 EUR
from 1.36 EUR
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Why should you go to the play "House on the edge of the soul"?

1. In one breath, go through a difficult path together with the main character.
2. For the second time, think about how much each of us is ready to give for his salvation.
3. Scoop up new thoughts, ideas and distract from the daily bustle in the walls of the theater.

Kiev drama and comedy theater invites to the play "House on the edge of the soul."

The production tells the story of the relationship between Michael Ryan and the mysterious Nick Demetrios, who turns out to be a blackmailer. Nick makes trouble in Michael's private life, and the price of his silence eventually becomes too high ... What kind of sacrifices can a man go to protect himself? Even in the time of the ancient Greeks said that the price can be immeasurable. Has anything changed in our day? Stage production and production - Tamara Trunova. Waiting for you!