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27 January 2019, Sun. 12:00
Theater Actor Kyiv, Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Street 40
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Home theater Love stories Verbatym

And you believe in .....
Remember your First ...?
It ....... Was It Already The Last ...?
And, met the real ....?
All the CI questions about Love, ask yourself almost ANYTHING.
Participants of the show with voice recorders and the cameras turned on tried to find answers, on the street of Kiev ....
You will survive together with the actors comic, neorendar, drama and tragic, and the archives are THE MAJOR REAL HISTORY OF THE FUNCTION ...

Director: Vitalina Bibliv, Tetyana Hubry
Designer: Maria Krutogolova
Actors: Alexander Brisova, Olga Godovichenko, Vitalina Izotova, Oksana Kotsinska, Lyudmila Lutova, Katerina Medvid, Anastasia Rogozhina, Ignat Tarbetsky, Oksana Timchuk

Home theater Post office

Director: Alexander Zhila
Actors: Lidia Antonyuk, Oleg Dovgy, Marina Kostyuk, Olena Krichenkova, Marina Onyshchenko, Dmitry Rybakov, Julia Ruban, Pavlo Selivanov, Inna Sushko

Did you have such that you went to work at all without a mood? In the skin of us there were definitely colleagues who were annoying! And what about the spy of the boss, whom I constantly wanted to blubber? Perhaps you often do not invest in deadlines? Waiting for the bonus at the end of the month? Can not find motivation to work on such a job - we have an idea: we collect all the factors, we will weigh, add beer and whiskey, and - "Voila!" - we do not let the true "postalmate" of the world-famous Charles Bukovsky.
Let's go to the History of one post office, where work is a job, not a place that is full of perfection. Intrigues between colleagues, hard working weekdays, and Of course, the unforgettable boss, who EVER Hates Humor.
And it would seem that there is no way out of the situation, but do not be fooled, our heroes will issue you a recipe "How to Survive at Whatever Price" on the work on Which, you think, It's impossible.