Don Juan

8 July 2020, Wed. 20:00
Summer theater Odesa, City garden
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the play "Don Juan"?

1. This performance is performed only in the theater "Masks" and nowhere else in the world
2. Performs the main composition of the theater "Masks"
3. The performance is very funny and entertaining. It has a lot of unexpected tricks and special effects.

Boris Barsky's comedy directed by George Deliev performed by the main cast of the legendary Masks Show theater

The indefatigable racket, jovial and joker Don Juan loves Madrid and the women of this beautiful city. And what's wrong with that? Madrid and the women of Madrid reciprocate. Everything is logical. Only here respectable citizens for some reason expel a young racket from the city. Under cover of night, the legs of the faithful horse Laparello themselves bring Don Juan back to Madrid. Not the most fun place is the cemetery, but for two grave-diggers, this is the essence of the universe. Umberto and Mauricio are not just philosophers, they are witnesses, they are mirrors reflecting events of universal scale. And the whole kaleidoscope of these events, replacing colorful pictures one after another, flickers before their thoughtful and slightly ridiculous glances.

Are we born in order to prepare ourselves for death, or is birth a holiday that is always with you? Is it possible to get away from fate when Donna Anna has already thrown off her clothes, praying the Commander’s monument to return her experiences of eroticism and sin? And the quiet pervert, the Monk, in the company of Leporello and Don Juan, witnessed this exciting and seductive scene. Why is the statue of the Commander and “Donna Anna herself not a din, and does not give it to others?” Are we all descended from a monkey, or are we God's creatures descended from a woman? And not just Women, but the great foremother of Eve! All these countless questions remain to be solved by the viewer, together with Umberto and Mauricio, watching the cheerful, bright, festive performance "Don Giovanni" in the House of Clowns.


Don Juan - People's Artist of Ukraine B. Barsky;

Donna Anna - Honored Artist of Ukraine N. Buzko;

Citizen and coffin - People's Artist of Ukraine George Deliev (or Igor Malakhov);

Citizen and tombstone - Alexander Postolenko;

Leporello - Mikhail Voloshin;

Monk and Alcald - I. Malakhov;

The buffoon - I. Kucherov.

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