Don Juan

13 June 2019, Thu. 18:30
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
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About event

Why go to the play "Don Juan"?

1. Opera “Don Juan” is called by many the greatest ever written.
2. The statement will cause a storm of emotions and give vivid impressions.
3. For some time, the hall and the stage will become one, drawing the viewer into the very heart of the plot.

On the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater - the famous production of "Don Juan". Music - V. A. Mozart, libretto - Lorenzo Da Ponte. Do not miss!

The plot of the opera is based on a long-standing legend about a bold and courageous Don Juan, who loved women and adventures. Poets, composers and playwrights turned to this colorful character in different eras. We offer you to feel the new production of Yuri Alexandrov, which premiered in 2012.

The staging of the opera Don Juan is an honor and challenge for any theatrical troupe. The famous work is successfully put on world scenes, collecting full halls. The opera was highly appreciated by such respected critics as Rossini, Gounod, Wagner.

The image of Don Juan is controversial. It faces ambition and fearlessness, rebellion against the hardened moral foundations and the search for the ideal. What was he, the most charismatic lover in the history of world classics? And what kind of retribution has the hero caught up with? Come and find answers to all your questions!

Staged in 2 actions.
Duration - 3 hours and 20 minutes, with intermission.
Director - Yuri Alexandrov.
Natalya Grigor and Sergei Krasnykh, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, conduct the performance.
Waiting for you!