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Dorian Gray

6 May 2020, Wed. 19:00
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“The Picture of Dorian Gray” is the only novel by writer Oscar Wilde. The work brought the author stunning success and scandalous fame. The plot is built around the forever young and very attractive aristocrat of England at the end of the 19th century. Dorian Gray, who exchanged his soul for the gift of eternal youth.

“The soul is a terrible reality,” wrote Oscar Wilde. In 1990, composer Varkoni Mathias and writer-directors As Janos and Gunar Braunke turned this mystical story with its wild passions and stormy sensuality into a violent musical.

The problems raised by Oscar Wilde in the novel attract attention, prompt further thought. Confirmation of this is the numerous adaptations of the work. The first appeared almost simultaneously with the advent of cinema - in 1910. Also, the novel was repeatedly staged on the stage of theater around the world, musicals were created based on it. However, the story does not bother the viewer and is becoming increasingly relevant in modern society.

Dorian Gray lives for his pleasure and is subjected to all possible temptations, which he has enough due to his beauty and status in society. Earthly pleasures, secret vices, dangerous intrigues inspire and excite the consciousness of many. The main character uses others to achieve the fullness of sensory sensations, conquers people thanks to the magical influence of his beauty. Through this lifestyle, Dorian loses touch with reality. He erases the understanding of good and evil, good and repulsive, gradually turns him into a monster and destroys it from the inside. But people believed that such a good person could not be immoral. Even fate gave him a magnificent gift and something amazing happened: Dorian Gray's wish was fulfilled and his beauty did not fade over the years. As soon as the portrait depicted everything that happened to the soul of Gray.

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