Dragon and the missing star. Space quiz

12 July 2019, Fri. 13:00
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR

About event

The full-domed film "Dragon and the Lost Star" in an accessible and interesting form introduces children to the constellations of the northern hemisphere of the sky.

The Little Dragon got lost while traveling in space, and friends came to his aid. Together with them, Drakosh returns the lost Polar Star. While traveling on Earth, friends successfully overcome the mountains of the Himalayas, and once in space, they defeat a dangerous black hole.

BONUS - full-length movie Space quiz

If you want to learn more about our Sun, Earth and the Moon or test your knowledge - we invite you to take part in our space quiz. How did lunar craters appear? Why does the moon glow? Where does the sun draw energy? Our space quiz will help you answer these and other questions.

In this game, everyone will be the winner, because everyone will know and see a lot of new things.

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