Drama queens

30 October 2019, Wed. 19:00
Theater Actor Kyiv, Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Street 40
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from 2.67 EUR
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About event

Drama Queens - an explosive mixture of sci fi and "Sex and the City" from Roman Shidlovsky, a guest director from Minsk, on the stage of the Actor Theater!

When they ate more hopes than food in expensive restaurants, they drank cheap wine. But today, these girlfriends are women with baggage in the form of experience, mistakes and accumulated irony. Some of them live in their own dreams, some are the walking embodiment of common sense, however, everyone is trying to get rid of loneliness and find personal happiness. One day they will come together in a metropolitan apartment, and the news of pregnancy alone will not only become an impetus for unexpected revelations, but also lead to a fantastic (literally) ending ...

“A female cry due to the lack of real men, which can attract the attention of beings of a higher mind and build a new civilization, where the male gender in the human race will disappear” - Roman Shidlovsky about the play.