31 March 2020, Tue. 19:00
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DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #1 DREAMWORKS у Києві
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #2 DREAMWORKS у Києві афіша
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #3 DREAMWORKS у Києві квитки
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #4 DREAMWORKS у Києві на concert.ua
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #5 DREAMWORKS у Києві фото
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #6 DREAMWORKS у Києві піти
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #7 DREAMWORKS у Києві дивитись
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #8 DREAMWORKS у Києві на concert.ua
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #9 DREAMWORKS у Києві квитки
DREAMWORKS in Kyiv - photo #10 DREAMWORKS у Києві піти

About event

March 31, on the big stage of the Franco Theater - performance of “DREAMWORKS” based on the play of Ivan Virapaev from Kharkov Theater “MDT”. Director - Alexei Wright.

10 tons of sand, 20 meters per second and storms are now Kharkiv 's largest theater project .

Imagine a person coming to you and saying that they know how to make you happy. You are ready?

“DREAMWORKS” is the story of David and Meryl's love filled with scenes of irony, sarcasm or comism - where the viewer selects a reading lens. The play is different from the one created by Virapaev earlier - keeping the key role of the word, it completely deprives it of the usual for its texts radicality. Former desire to destroy the canon has turned to its approval, moreover - in the genre of melodrama.

MDT Theater - Kharkiv Youth Dramatic Theater. Among the works is a 20-hour project on KLIM "Theatrical series" Seven Days with an Idiot (nonexistent chapters of an Idiot novel) "." In Kiev, the project was screened within GOGOLFEST-2017, and then three more times within the tour of the MDT Theater at the DAKh Center.

The MDT Theater is headed by Alexei Wright, an original director and no less amazing actor whose creative pursuit includes contemporary dramaturgy by KLIM, Martin McDonagh and others. A dedicated theater missionary as a way of life. It is not the first time that he has drawn to the figure of Ivan Virapaev, whose main specificity is long spatial monologues, spoken on individual or social topics, often involving religious motives.

In the case of DREAMWORKS , these are themes of love, male and female. The creators of the show became the leaders of the storms , brought 10 tons of sand to the stage, created a genuine wind 20 meters per second, and gave the actors to live an incredible story of love David and Meryl.

The stage is a real desert , which is occasionally given a sign. one of the first episodes is marked by a sandy veil that springs to the fore. In the finale of the show there is a real storm, which is forced from behind the scenes . But the point is not only in spectacular scenography - first of all, it is a metaphor that can absorb all the sand related symbolism, the whole experience of relevant phraseology of all times and peoples.

In addition to the three arched openings, pathetically emerging in the depths of the stage, a line of mirrors, juxtaposed with a dull black wall, stairs (into the sky?), A sofa, vinyl discs, and so on - comes the mysterious, partially sandy world .

The return of Katarina Leonova (Shana Voice) to theatrical scaffolding after a break of eight years - perhaps the most important event that adds attention to this performance. In the past - the first actress of Kharkiv CSM "New Stage", passed two theater schools KLIMa, and now - the leader of the music group SHANA. She decided to return to acting at the MDT Theater. Performing two major roles at once - Meryl and Elizabeth, she largely reveals her talent as an actor.

Both heroines are surrounded by the love and concern of David, the character of Wright himself , a hermit-hermit who dives into the sand, hiding from real reality for the sake of peace. Features of this role and his acting nature help to fully and more clearly reveal the play's mystical situation, as well as in subtle shades to partner Leonova during her key monologues.

Persistent timekeeping remains unchanged in MDT - 4 hours , in this case. However, the action drags on, immersing the viewer in a somewhat comparable atmosphere that over time disappears . The world of ideas, forms, and rhythm - give birth on stage to the sacred state that dissolves the hall.

The play is in Russian.

Director - Alexei Wright
Actors - Alexey Wright, Katarina Leonova (CHANA), Oleg Didyk, Sergey Ivushkina, Irina Mishina, Lara Chitak, Gennady Vypinashko, Marta Dontsova