08 - 09 June 2019 09:00
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DTF Conference in Kyiv - photo #1 DTF Conference у Києві
DTF Conference in Kyiv - photo #2 DTF Conference у Києві афіша
DTF Conference in Kyiv - photo #3 DTF Conference у Києві квитки
DTF Conference in Kyiv - photo #4 DTF Conference у Києві на concert.ua
DTF Conference in Kyiv - photo #5 DTF Conference у Києві фото

About event


1. An inside look at the global context of fashion, art and media.
2. Networking with a creative community from around the world.
3. Inspiration to create something new.

On June 8-9, DTF Conference will take place - the first event about brands and creativity from the don't Take Fake team and DTF Magazine.

The conference continues mission of don’t Take Fake team, which has been developing Ukrainian street fashion and culture for eight years as don't Take Fake brand show and the online edition of DTF Magazine. It will bring together those who feel the need to create something of their own and strive to do it at the global level.

Over the past few years, Ukraine has become known on the international stage as a supplier of creative ideas and production services, as well as IT professionals. Ukrainian brands are increasingly being written by specialized western media, and our goal is for this to become commonplace. We strive to include our country in the global context as a place where new collaborations can be born and where there are people with whom I want to create great things.

Already announced six speakers and their list will be supplemented by the Ukrainian program:

Jeff Carvalho (New York) is the managing director of Highsnobiety, an authority on street fashion and modern culture. Since 2007, responsible for the company's operations in North America and partnerships. Since then, Higsnobiety has conquered not only the media market, but also became an influential participant in the brand industry and even conducts its own research on society and consumer habits.

Rian Pozzebon (Los Angeles) is the chief designer of VANS, a shoe brand that, after a niche skater community, has captured the daily lives of millions of people around the world. This process started with the arrival of Rian in the company in middle-2000s, when classic models got a new life, and the brand began to actively develop collaborations with artists and artists, including Tyler, The Creator, Jason Dill, Takashi Murakami and others.

Oobah Butler (London) - the author of VICE and Guardian, who works with social experiments and absurd fakes - headed the TripAdvisor rating with a non-existent restaurant in London, hit the Paris fashion week under the guise of designer Giorgio Peviani, and finally sent his "clones" to radio broadcasts. His stories have been viewed over 80 million times.

Atiba Jefferson (Los Angeles) - a cult sports photographer, has contracts with Supreme, adidas, Nike, Converse and Oakley and portraits of legendary athletes and artists - Michael Jordan, James Le Bron, Tony Hawk, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, Farrell Williams in portfolio. He started his career by shooting his classmates on skates in Colorado Springs, becoming a full-time photographer for LA Lakers and at the same time creating the canons of skateboarding.

Yasha Young (Berlin) is the founder and creative director of Urban Nation, the largest museum of street art in the world. The curator of more than 250 exhibitions, including Obey and Invader, advises the municipalities of Rotterdam and New York on the development of a creative city. She worked on the museum's collaboration with the Lollapalooza festival in Berlin, where street art combined with the music of The National, Kraftwerk and Imagine Dragons.

Lisa Kohlert (Munich) - Vice President for Business Development at CLO3D. The company develops a tool that allows you to design clothes virtually - without using fabrics and dummies. CLO customers include adidas, Hugo Boss, Nike, Love Moschino, Under Armor and other global brands.

All speeches will be connected to the slogan “from hip to hype” and using the example of real stories from all over the world they will show why it is important to think about the mission of the business, what makes networking valuable and how to make it global from local history.

In addition to speeches, speakers are waiting for you:

- Pushka School zone
- a series of pop-up events on the eve of the conference- even more communication during the afterparty
- A huge dose of inspiration to grow in your business!

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