Twelve months

20 January 2019, Sun. 12:00
Theater of the young spectator Odessa, Street Grecheskaya, 50
from 1.21 EUR
from 1.21 EUR

About event

An amazing bright and kind fairy tale, as it should be, takes you to some kingdom - some state. Or rather - the kingdom.

And more precisely - in a strictly modern, fun and incredible farce, with unexpected transformations and even more unexpected events. And, of course, the usual twelve months will appear on the scene, but in quite unusual circumstances: each with his own character, sometimes with his whims, often with worries ...

However, we will not retell the plot, but simply recall that this wonderful tale of Samuel Marshak was the favorite book of moms and dads of each of those who come to our theater today, and even earlier - their grandparents.

In a word, the bright and sparkling spectacle that the Odessa Youth Theater prepared for the New Year is not accidentally conceived by the author, the director and the artists as a real and memorable holiday for everyone who wants to turn every day into his holiday.

Every child from 4 years old must have a separate ticket.

Start celebrating the New Year with a fairy tale!

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