Juliet and Romeo

19 July 2019, Fri. 19:00
Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Kyiv, vulytsya Bohdana Khmelʹnytsʹkoho, 5
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR

About event

Why should go to the play Juliet and Romeo?

1. The most famous and favorite play of all time.
2. Innovative "freeze-frames" in the performance, which enhance the involvement of the viewer
3. Amazing choreographic productions, scenery and fine work on costumes

At this performance in the theater. Lesia Ukrainka is always sold out. For your attention - the story of love and hate, sung by “Juliet and Romeo”, sung by Shakespeare and presented by the creative group of the theater.

For several centuries, the tale of the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet has not lost its topicality and actuality. Inspiring hundreds of film and theater directors, the immortal story continues to excite the viewer.

Staged by the Kiev Theater. Lesia Ukrainki play finds incredible strength. Its powerful energy flooded the auditorium, plunging everyone into the vortex of feelings and emotions.

Staged by Kirill Kashlikov with historical accuracy depicts the costumes of the heroes of Italy of the 16th century. Expressive scenery, stunning dance performances, beautiful music and impeccable acting give a bouquet of all sorts of emotions. They raise a storm in their hearts, erasing the line between the past and the present.

Dangerous stunts, fights of heroes, heartfelt dialogues - all this is so lacking for a modern, mired in a routine, person! Therefore, it is simply impossible to skip the play.

A unique directorial decision in this production was the “freeze-frames”, which allow the viewer to experience the deepest on-stage events.

Directing - Cyril Kashlikov.

Project Manager - Mikhail Reznikovich.

In the role of Romeo - Cyril Nikolaev, the role of Juliet is performed by Shorena Shonia.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours 30 minutes. Waiting for you!

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