3 November 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR

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Gaetano Donizetti's opera farce "The Bell" recreates the atmosphere of an old Italian courtyard on the small stage of the National Operetta, where cheerful, light music sounds.

The audience is seated at the tables, and in front of them a dynamic and funny action is played out, seasoned with witty jokes and unexpected reincarnations, through which some philosophical meanings are also visible. A small, but famous piece of music and especially vocal parts, composer Gaetano Donizetti wrote on his own libretto. He easily wrote poetry, added dialogue in prose, and even the music poured like champagne: effervescent, sparkling, playful, with unexpected jokes and charming melodies. "Bell" was written in just a week! In accordance with the promise given to the maestro to singers who, in some way, were the customers of this opera. The premiere took place in Italy, at the Teatro Nuovo, in the evening of June 1, 1836 with a huge crowd of people. The work was immediately called "a small miracle of comedy, grace and fun, playful inspiration." The composer defined a not complicated series of characters: Don Annibale Pistacchio - a pharmacist; Serafina is his wife; Madame Rosa - mother of Seraphina; Enrico - nephew, Don Annibale, Spiridione - the servant of Don Annibale. The plot is based on the tricks of the joker Enrico, the nephew of pharmacist Don Annibale Pistacchio. A young nephew, in love with Serafina, is trying to stop uncle the pharmacist and his young wife on their wedding night. He tirelessly, ringing the bell at the pharmacy all night. Appearing in various images, Enrique asks for a cure for fictitious diseases. Either he is a Frenchman from whom he grabbed his stomach, or a tenor who has lost his voice, then the old man from whom his wife immediately fell ill with all the diseases, and he begs to cure her, singing a cheerful balcony. While working on the libretto, Gaetano Donizetti himself laughed - on the text and on the music that “jumps” to the rhythm of funny poems. The author’s great mood wrote his farce opera must certainly be conveyed to the audience of the play “Bell”, which takes place on the small stage of the National Operetta.

Production group:
Stage Director: Vitaliy Palchikov
Conductor - h. but. Ukraine Ksenia Madarash
Choreographer: Natalia Skuba
Choirmaster - h. D. and. Ukraine Igor Yaroshenko
Set Designer: Maria Grabchenko
Conductor - Sergey Golubnichy
Lighting Design - Ruslan Dolinich
Sound producer - Nadezhda Sidorova
Concertmasters - h. but. Of Ukraine Elena Opanasenko, Anna Polishchuk, Lyubov Titarenko, Elizaveta Khlyapova, Zoya Volodarskaya, Natalya Kolomiets
Assistant directors - Olga Zhmura, Elena Isaeva, Maxim Kozolup

Actors and performers:
ENRIKO - s. but. Of Ukraine Sergey Avdeev, Dmitry Voronov
ANNIBALE - Alexander Kharlamov
SPIRIDONE - Alexey Kirillov, Vladimir Odrinsky
SERAFINA - z.a. Ukraine Elena Arbuzova, Tatyana Didukh, s. but. Ukraine Galina Gregorchak-Odrinskaya, z.a. Ukraine Valeria Tulis
ROSE - s. but. Ukraine Anna Dovbnya, n. but. Ukraine Irina Lapina

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