Season opening. Elena Temnikova. May 24

24 May 2019, Fri. 22:00
Ibiza Night Club Odessa, Odessa, Arcadia
from 10.61 EUR
from 10.61 EUR
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About event

Why go to the concert of Elena Temnikova?

1. Live to chat with one of the most sought-after pop artists in the CIS.
2. Dissolve in the singer's atmospheric hits and enjoy the new album TEMNIKOVA 3: Not fashionable.
3. Feel like a part of a grand celebration and a world-class show.

May 24 at the Ibiza nightclub - unrealistically charismatic and talented Elena Temnikova! Do not miss the main musical event of the season!

The performance of your favorite actress will feature famous hits and tracks from the new album TEMNIKOVA 3: Not fashionable. It will be hot. Hold on and get ready for an energy flurry named Elena Temnikova! “Impulses”, “Jealousy”, “Breath”, “Let's fly away”, “Don't blame me” - these and many other songs are already very eager to hear thousands of fans of a bright singer.

Expectation torments and at the same time makes the upcoming meeting especially exciting and full of living impressions. The audience will plunge into the unimaginably beautiful and rhythmic world of creativity of Elena Temnikova.

Will you come to whirl freely in an unstoppable whirlwind at the concert of Elena Temnikova? Oh, it will definitely be! Do not even hesitate! For two years of her solo career, Elena Temnikova managed to become the “Singer of the Year”, the most listened to VKontakte, a symbol of refined style, the darling of millions. See you later!