Enter shikari

2 October 2020, Fri. 19:00
Bingo Kyiv, Pobedy Avenue, 112, m. "Svyatoshin".
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from 26.67 EUR
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About event

ENTER SHIKARI in Kiev! On October 2, 2020, a concert of the British post-hardcore group Enter Shikari will take place on the stage of the Bingo club in Kiev.

Why go to an ENTER SHIKARI concert?

  1. The new album you need to hear is not in the headphones.
  2. Visit live one of the best concert groups.
  3. With the whole crowd in one voice repeat “Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible”.

Music Style Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari is known for its unique sound - a crazy mix of hardcore and electronic music. The direction was called electronicore and Enter Shikari is associated primarily with it. According to vocalist Enter Shikari Ru Reynolds, without a social agenda their music would be just "noisy pop." Therefore, through the lyrics, he does not hesitate to express his position on Trump's policy, the use of nuclear weapons or global warming.

On live, the team always goes all out and plays like the last time, for which it received the status of one of the best concert groups.

ENTER SHIKARI in Kiev - October 2 at the Bingo club

In the fall of 2020, ENTER SHIKARI will begin their European tour in support of the new album “Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible”. And although his release and the announcement of the tour coincided with quarantine, the musicians did not make changes to the upcoming plans:

“It seems to me that this is not the right time for the announcement of the tour, but the mechanism was launched long before everything happened. In addition, now we all need to look forward to something. Therefore, as soon as everything is more or less restored, we will finally celebrate the release of the new album as it should and present part of this material live. This tour will be as special as possible. ” - Ru Reynolds.

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