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Epolets in Cherkasy is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2022-12-16 в 18:00 on the Fire Meat (ex REFLECTION), Cherkasy.
Buy Epolets tickets at Concert.ua online or with delivery.

We continue the collection/tour of wheelbarrows for the Armed Forces.
We have already collected UAH 731,000 and bought three pickup trucks, in the second part of the tour we are collecting
for winter tires for these pickups and for the rest of the wheelbarrows on which the soldiers are already defending our country!

BF "Dlya Heroiv" and the Epolets group united many of our colleagues and went on a tour to help military units A0342, A0583 and 98 of the Azov battalion.

Now winter tires are very necessary for the maneuverability of pickup trucks. In addition to rubber, the wheelbarrows that have already been damaged need to be repaired, because pickups are consumables that are constantly in short supply! We will be grateful to everyone who joins the collection by buying concert tickets or making a separate donation!
Glory to Ukraine! Together to victory!