ERISION Georgian treasure

11 December 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 15.00 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the concert Erisioni?

1. The ensemble will present its legendary Georgian show, one of the most large-budget musical and choreographic programs!
2. The legendary Georgian flavor, incendiary songs, fascinating choreography combined with bright costumes, stunning decorations and mad temperament of the artists!
3. Western critics and the press calls the ensemble productions masterpieces!

On December 11, an inimitable Erisioni dance ensemble will perform on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater!

Erisioni is known as the “Museum of Folklore”. The ensemble was created in 1885 and is still the bright and colorful voice of Georgia. In 2005, the group in which artists of various generations dance, celebrated the 120th anniversary of its existence. Each show is an enchanting production, mesmerizing symbiosis of ethnic sound and dance. In 1999, the Georgian ensemble began to cooperate with producers from France and the United States, due to which a world-wide dancing show appeared unparalleled. The talent and skill of the artists, their bright charisma and soulful performance leave no one indifferent, which makes the group's touring tours successful.

More than 100 talented artists of the choir and ballet, fascinating Georgian music, fiery dances and modern light and sound accompaniment leave an unforgettable impression on the audience. The artists of the ensemble not only dance with the performance of the most complicated acrobatic elements, but also perform traditional Georgian songs live. Dancing "Erisioni" impossible to watch without admiration. Energetic men and gentle, as if floating on the scene of the woman - the two opposites are connected on the stage, creating an indescribable spectacle. Dancers of the ensemble possess the complex art of dancing at their fingertips - toypoint, which few dance groups of the world can boast.

At a concert in Odessa, viewers will see dances and hear songs reflecting the flavor of various parts of Georgia. And all this in combination with bright costumes, stunning scenery and a furious temperament of artists!