Erotic dreams of our city

2 February 2019, Sat. 19:00
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from 7.58 EUR
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And you have erotic dreams? No?...

Then you can envy! Or to sympathize with ... We do not know what is true, but we are confident in one - after watching the performance "EROTIC DREAMS OF OUR CITY" in the "New Ukrainian Theater" you will surely dream about something ... Heroes of the play - the people we meet at every turn - in in the metro, in the office, in the district clinic or in the courtyard. Maybe even in his house, even in his own apartment? .. Maybe it's us ?! The performance in the play takes place in two dimensions - real life and phantasmagoric world of dreams. But the world of dreams is often more real than life itself, because here you can see our true being, without any conventions. And in the morning we wake up and again all our "ours" - our complexes, fears, fatigue, emotions ... But do not be afraid! Exit is! We will help! According to the recipe - on the show! Tanya Malyarchuk, whose stories are based on the play and performance "EROTIC DREAMS", argues that a person is "a being who wants to be loved, but nobody loves her ..." Ready to refute this idea!
Dobranich! .. That is, before meeting!

Performance in Ukrainian.

Duration - 2 hours 50 minutes
> With an intermission