If sharks were humans

31 August 2018, Fri. 19:00
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from 1.38 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the play "If the Sharks became human beings"?

1. Use an excellent opportunity to watch the play in the genre of Zeitung-drama.
2. Get a new audience experience, when the production does not call for empathy.
3. Spend the evening in the company of talented actors of the Theater on the Tea.

"Theater on the Tea" invites everyone to the play "If the sharks became human beings". The production is based on the plays of B. Brecht's plays The Jewish Wife, The Cretaceous Cross and The Spy.

The genre of the play is Zeitung-drama. Here, the theater team demonstrates its attempt to reconstruct the epic Brecht theater. In it, the act of acting is on the surface, and the viewer is put in such a framework when it does not reach emotional empathy.

Is evil always replaced by good? And what does a man do to himself, eliminating the cause of his suffering? The characters of the production will try to answer these questions. At the Kharkov festival "Kurbalesiya" the performance was awarded with a prize for "A bold version of the political theater".

Now it's your turn to get your impressions. Duration - 95 minutes. Waiting for you!