There is a city that I see in a dream ...

29 October 2019, Tue. 19:00
Clown house Odessa, st. Olgievskaya 23
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from 11.67 EUR
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About event

Odessa, a city that is conducive to creativity! The city in which extraordinary stories are born. The ease of laughter, the charm of jokes, sincerity, enthusiasm and a riot of mood boiling with different colors and shades. This is the coloring of the life of Odessa residents.

Stand Ap musical "There is a city that I see in a dream ..." - the story that dreamed of Odessa, on board the plane! This is at the beginning, and then, as it started ... The sunniest, warmest and kindest performance about the city, which is in the heart of each of us! You can’t talk about the team! Everything is clear here! Real inhabitants of Odessa - to true inhabitants of Odessa !!!


Jan Yufit (USA) - author and producer, playwright, journalist, poet, writer, actor, diploma winner of the Union of Writers of Russia. Andrei Beseda is a composer, musician, singer and actor. Pavel Ivlyushkin - stage director, choreographer, actor, one of the leading choreographers of Ukraine, member of the jury of international competitions.

George Deliev - People's Artist of Ukraine, artistic director of the comedian of the Masks troupe, musician.

Boris Barsky - People's Artist of Ukraine, director of the comedian of the Masks troupe, poet, writer, playwright.

Natalia Buzko - Honored Artist of Ukraine, actress comic troupe "Masks".

Irina Gusak is the vocalist of the Odessa Musical Comedy Theater.

Florianna Revutskaya - theater and film actress, singer.

Tatyana Kotovskaya - makeup artist.

Alexander Alekseev - production designer.

Yuri Savchenko - sound engineer.

Olga Glushkova and TINADZE are costume designers.

Sergey Zakharov is a lighting artist.