12 August 2020, Wed. 19:00
Theater Actor Kyiv, Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Street 40
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from 3.33 EUR
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About event

From the creators of "7 Angry Gentlemen", "Hello, I'm Your Auntie!" and The House of the Crazy.

Everything you wanted to always know about women, but were afraid to ask.

The scene of the five gorgeous ladies on the eve of the momentous events of their happy lives. Horoscopes, a sauna, candles, a fireplace, champagne and a bathrobe are all you need to dissect and get your best friend depressed.

Thoughtful tears about true feminine happiness. But do women know what they need? The age-old question is: What does a woman really want?

Look for our answer at the Estrogen show.

Instincts, hormones, irresistible desires, features of female logic, mad love and love on the side - all within two hours.

Actors and performers:
Natalia - Svetlana Zelenkovskaya, Ludmila Ardelyan
Vika - Eugenia Shimshiryan, Victoria Moustey
Alice - Svetlana Melnyk, Kateryna Polyakova
Eva - Anna Serdyuk, Elena Oleynikova
Milan - Anastasia Ivanyuk, Anastasia Salata
Rostik - Vladislav Dmitruk, Petro Zuzyak