Ethno under the starry sky. Mother

15 September 2018, Sat. 19:30
from 6.92 EUR
from 6.92 EUR
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About event

Immerse yourself in cosmic infinity with the mystical group MOTANKA!

Understanding the unknown spaces of the universe, feel the sound of space, see its colors. This evening, the crystal glow of stars and pure music will be united in one. Spectators will open the history of the world, the beginning of his life.

Do not miss the unique event - a combination of mystical ethnic music and a full-fledged show of the Kiev Planetarium, which will make "immersion" into space real and create the effect of presence!

We invite you to the musical evening of the group MOTANKA in the Kiev Planetarium September 15 at 19:30!

Entrance to the Star Hall after the start of the concert is strictly forbidden!