Sand animation show. Etudes of New Year's tales and merry Christmas

3 January 2020, Fri. 15:00
Palace Ukraine (small hall) Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska st. 103
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR


About event

For the first time in Ukraine, sand animation with the Three Sisters art theater is a real soul therapy. For each member of the family, the plot, which is revealed through sandy images on the screen in combination with magical music and sophisticated choreography, will be a real miracle and will plunge into the world of an amazing fairy tale. This show has a magical effect on the development of fantasy and deep thinking of each of us.

We invite you to visit the amazing New Year sand show-presentation, which everyone will like: both adults and children. The magnificent plot “The Secret of the Snow Queen” based on the tale of G.Kh. Andersen, this is a beautiful story about a kind heart, melting the ice of icy hearts, which simply can not leave indifferent any of the audience.

The combination of unimaginably beautiful music, magical images on the screen, created by a talented artist in front of your eyes and complemented by sophisticated choreography of children and a fabulous leading voice, immerses you in the magic of New Year's miracles. heart in ice. But the boy’s faithful and devoted sister Gerda, having overcome all difficulties and adversities, was able to melt him with the help of her love. Along the road of a desperate girl, there are many characters from various other fairy tales The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Three Nuts for Cinderella, Girl with matches to help melt the cold heart of the Snow Queen, "... cold hearts will melt and the light of love will shine everywhere."

Our performance is suitable for children of all age categories and those children who have long been adults. The second part is folklore, about our traditions of a merry celebration of Rozhdest with songs, carols and lavishes. Fast forward to the mystical Dikanka for miracles that happened there on the night before Christmas.

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