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Evgeny Khmara

11 December 2022, Sun. 17:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
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Evgeny Khmara in Kyiv - photo #6 evgeny-khmara-11-12_mckm-zhovtneviy-palac_111220221700_540

About event

Evgeny Khmara in Kyiv is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2022-12-11 в 17:00 on the ICCA OCTOBER PALACE, Kyiv.
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Music during wartime becomes both painkiller and soothing.
Ukrainian pianist and composer, whose music heals the soul and awakens faith in miracles.
Yevhen Khmara accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the direction of Dmytro Antoniuk.
More than 40 musicians on one stage will perform the best compositions of the Ukrainian composer, whose music is heard all over the world.
Evgeny Khmara is a Ukrainian composer and pianist. Owner of Yamaha Artist status. Released 7 studio albums. He repeatedly presented Ukraine in the White House (USA), Buckingham Palace (Great Britain) in the countries of the Middle East, China and the countries of the European Union.
Since the beginning of the full-scale war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, Yevhen has given more than 70 charity concerts.

December 11th. October Palace. Live sound

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Evgeny Khmara

11 December 2022 14:00


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