Fine Misto 2020

30 July - 02 August 2020 08:00
from 33.00 EUR
from 33.00 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth to go to a fayne festival?

1. Hear live performances of your favorite bands.
2. Plunge into the atmosphere of love and incredible drive of the festival life.
3. To sing, dance and have a night out in the company of like-minded people and music lovers.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the festival. You are almost there! We invite you to a holiday of incredible drive, dance and complete separation! Dates Fayne Misto 2020: July 30 - August 2!

“Faine Misto” is an annual festival in Ternopil, where world-class stars play. What do you think, what styles of music will you hear on “Fine”? The correct answer is: almost all youth trends, namely pop, rock, folk, alternative, dance.