Fake note

27 July 2019, Sat. 19:00
Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Kyiv, vulytsya Bohdana Khmelʹnytsʹkoho, 5
from 0.83 EUR
from 0.83 EUR

About event

Why should go on the production of "Fake Note"?

1. See an almost detective story.
2. You will watch without taking your eyes to the very end.
3. The actors coped with their task simply brilliantly!

The performance is based on the play of Didier Caron, a talented contemporary French playwright.

In the story, the famous conductor Miller has just completed his performance at the Geneva Philharmonic. The maestro is extremely irritated and unhappy with his orchestra. But in the dressing room a surprise awaits him. Is it really pleasant? A viewer comes to him, specially arrived from Belgium to attend Miller's performance. A longtime fan of creativity, he wants to get a photo and autograph of the conductor as a souvenir.

But what is the real purpose of this meeting? Desire to express delight or a premeditated plan? This meeting, turning into a duel, will change the fate of each. As a result, the two heroes will change their outlook and attitude towards life.

Come to the play "False Note" to see the statement of hatred and love, human perfidy and disinterestedness, genuine spiritual decency and betrayal. And about the kindness that can manifest itself in the most extreme circumstances. You will be surprised by this story, which keeps the audience in suspense until the very end.

Director - Kirill Kashlikov, production - Mikhail Reznikovich.
The drama “Fake Note” lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes (without intermission).

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