Fedoriv Method. VOL.2

15 May 2020, Fri. 09:00
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About event

In the autumn instalment of FEDORIV Method, we revealed that Andrii Fedoriv was not the only person working in the Fedoriv Agency. Some of those other people you may have seen taking the stage in FEDORIV HUB. However, we have even more talented fellows for you to meet!

So, to learn more about the way we work and the approaches we use, about our company's inner workings, about what makes tick, and lots of other most curious things, make sure to pay us a visit at Fedoriv Method: VOL.2 on 13 March.

The event promises to be vivid, inspired, and full of useful information. That's the way we do it!

09:00–10:00 Registration

Hedgehogs in the Fog: How to build a strong brand and who would need this now anyway?
Speaker: Tamriko Keburia, Brand Leader

11:00 AM–12:00
Change or Die. Why brands need to change
Speaker: Vika Klochkova, Brand Leader
Cases: Nova Poshta, Oschadbank, Fedoriv Agency

12:00–12:15 Coffee break

Charming your client. The key to everlasting partnership
Speaker: Alina Bozhniuk, Project Manager
Cases: Diia, bodo, Inventor

13:15–14:15 Lunch break
How to attract luck and open the third eye with a production brief
Speakers: Ania Kashcheeva, Copywriter, and Maks Nazarov, Art Director
Cases: Diia, Rozetka, bodo

How to stay sane working in the industry
Speakers: Andrian Sytar, Copywriter, and Nikita Pluzhko, Art Director

16:15–16:30 Coffee break

CPM, CTR, CR, ROI and how these letters are connected to creativity
Speaker: Yulia Koliada, Digital Strategist

In case you wondered, you won't see Andrii take the stage this time, too. Get used to this ;) To occupy yourself with something lest you start missing him, try counting how many mentions of Fedoriv are in this text.

Ready, set, go!

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