Felix Shinder and Money Forward

16 November 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR


About event

Odessa, meet kosher tsimes from Malaya Arnautskaya!

On November 16, the only music cooperative of the city will perform at the Philharmonic. Do not miss the concert of a real gang from Odessa, which performs a vivid mixture of hooligan folklore of Moldavanka and Klezmer music. On the stage are the king of Odessa folklore Felix Shinder, an intellectual and a worthy son of a Moldavian woman, and the Odessa musical cooperative Money Forward.

It will not be just a performance, in a lively, interactive performance, where the audience themselves will be able to participate. You will find the atmosphere of a real holiday in the Black Sea city. There are no strangers here, so everyone is greeted as a close relative - "so that you can be healthy"! You will feel the real Odessa, recognize the city as it is: cramped courtyards, southern dialect, special humor, unique salty air ...

Felix Shinder and “Money Forward” guarantee dancing until you drop, good mood for months to come and a huge charge of positive “Odessa” energy!

Keep your pocket wider - we have something to put there. Know how to walk!

“Money Forward” - Odessa musical group, founded in 2014. They define their style as Odessa Gangsta Folk - a combination of Jewish folk music and rock and roll, hooligan urban folklore of Moldavanka, klezmer, Balkan rhythms and special Odessa humor.

Felix Shinder, who is called “the king of Odessa folklore”, is the lead singer of “Money Forward”, known to many thanks to his participation in the TV show “Voice of the Country”, a traveler, a lover of “road” blues and “orthodox bully”.

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