Festival Hits (Block 2) on #KISFF2019

21 April 2019, Sun. 18:00
from 1.67 EUR
from 1.67 EUR


Festival Hits (Block 2) on #KISFF2019 in Kyiv - photo #1 picture
Festival Hits (Block 2) on #KISFF2019 in Kyiv - photo #2 picture
Festival Hits (Block 2) on #KISFF2019 in Kyiv - photo #3 picture
Festival Hits (Block 2) on #KISFF2019 in Kyiv - photo #4 picture
Festival Hits (Block 2) on #KISFF2019 in Kyiv - photo #5 picture

About event

Today we are witnessing the breakdown of the old world, because finding itself at the intersection of cultures and epochs, the problem of finding its "I" has become more relevant than ever. And to find answers to our questions, we will try to experience the experience of Europe and our closest neighbors of 30 years ago that did not expect changes, but they created them on their own.

One of the main motifs of the festival will be the violent and romantic events that took place 30 years ago and have had a fair impact on our present: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the emergence of new democracies in Eastern Europe, and the collapse of the last outpost of the communist empire. These themes will be reflected in the festival program.

But in the struggle, there is a place for sophisticated humor, bold art, openness and the most diverse forms of expression that we present in more than 30 programs.

We will try to take a new look at the familiar things, find new shades in them, and teach not to be afraid of the otherness in all its manifestations: rebellious attitudes, openness and openness, the desire to know oneself and discover oneself to others.

The world moves so fast, and the best way to understand all of its diversity is the cinema screen of the cultural center "Kyiv". And when you leave the cinema, you will feel that living in one body with the old "I" is becoming more and more closely.

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