Short Meter from Ireland Festival

9 April 2020, Thu. 19:00
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About event

Short Meter from Ireland Festival in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-04-09 в 19:00 on the Online-трансляция, Kyiv.
Buy Short Meter from Ireland Festival tickets at online or with delivery. Or order online and collect hard copy in the nearest ticket office.

For connoisseurs of cinema art - just one day - from 19:00 to 2 2: 00 - the link mode -Viewing ONLINE - will display a collection of short films from Ireland - a country that confidently takes the leading position in the field of quality author cinema. The number of viewers is limited to 2 00

Short Meter from Ireland Festival

Age: 12+

Language: Made in Ukrainian.

Duration: 1h 12min

Production: Ireland

The festival program includes 10 different genre films with more than 30 awards from prestigious international film festivals.


Drama, comedy, 8 min.

Director: Sean O 'Connor

Plot: In search of a better fate, the hero buys a ticket to the Titanic. But a carefree party makes a big difference…

HELGA or Dating on the Net

Comedy, 2 minutes

Director: Justin Skler

Plot: What if the date you don't meet is the one you met on a dating site? The main thing is not to panic.


Drama, 14 minutes

Director: Liam Gavin

Plot: A young girl steals a car after a party and knocks down a man walking on the side of the road. A stressful situation leads to decisive action.


Comedy, animation, 4 min.

Director: Jennifer Terry

Plot: When new technologies begin to challenge old traditions, they do not always immediately win. Sometimes, you have to find a compromise.


Drama, Comedy, 18 min.

Director: Yvonne Rose

Plot: We are often loved, trusted, because we care and try to be gentle. But love for us and commitment to us are very dangerous things.


Comedy, Animation, 2014, 2 min.

Director: Chris O'Hara

Plot: Protect yourself from the moments of arousal of your imagination. After all, not always new prospects are joyful and enjoyable.


Drama, 12 minutes

Director: Jane Cleveling

Plot: Carrie enjoys Skype and social networking. Using the advice of chat buddies, she gets into an unpleasant situation in real life.


Comedy, animation, 3 min.

Director: Steve Mullen

Plot: Two artists - competitors, obsessed with finding out the relationship between themselves, do not notice the Main topics for their subjects ...


Comedy, 5 min.

Director: Tara Marphy

Plot: In order to have a good job interview, creative friends have come up with a clever plan.


Comedy, 5 min.

Director: Nick Kelly

Plot: Neglecting duties, the mail manager in her working time went about her business ... So, around the post office a queue was formed that entertained itself with anything ... And including an Irish tank.

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