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20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"!

21 - 23 June 2024 12:00-21:00
Grishko Central Botanical Garden Kyiv, Tymiriazievska St, 1
from 590 ₴
from 590 ₴


20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №1 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_806
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №2 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_279
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №3 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_533
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №4 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_75
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №5 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_685
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №6 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_880
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №7 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_291
20th Anniversary Festival "Land of Dreams"! in Kyiv - photo №8 festival-krayina-mrii_botanichniy-sad-im.-grishka_210620241200_994

About event

The ethno-festival "Land of Dreams" is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Oleg Skrypka announced the date of the event

Today, "Dreamland" is the largest ethnofest and the oldest music festival held in Ukraine since 2004

On April 1, the founder and ideological inspirer of the International ethnic festival "Land of Dreams", musician, composer and promoter of Ukrainian folklore Oleg Skrypka, published a video announcing the festival on his Instagram page , announcing the date and venue, as well as announcing a competition among ethnic music performers.

The anniversary festival will be held on the territory of the National Botanical Garden named after M.M. Hryshka and will last three days on the weekend from June 21 to 23.

The slogan of this year's festival is "20 years of freedom!"

For 20 years, the ethno-festival "Land of Dreams" has become a real cultural phenomenon, an influential and important lever for the revival of national identity, which played an important role in the popularization of Ukrainian culture and folklore, especially among young people, and acted as a guide for the ideas of ecology, freedom of thought and creative thought.

For twenty years in a row, the team affirms the Ukrainian national identity, presents the best examples of Ukrainian and world music, musical and fair diversity, folk crafts, parades of embroidered women, authentic master classes, ethnic cuisine, children's and Cossack meadows, book openings, bandurists' playground and other original solutions and activity.

Therefore, as a result of twenty years of activity, the festival played and continues to play an extraordinary role in the formation of the national self-awareness of modern Ukrainians. A lot has been done and planned in establishing cultural ties between the countries of the world. It was in the "Land of Dreams" that the trend of mass parties in embroidered dresses with the whole family and mass singing of the national anthem of Ukraine was started.

"This year, we should attract even more young people to our ethnofest. Because it is she who is the leader of our aspirations and traditions, our cultural code for the future. Therefore, we must pass on the baton of dreams and self-awareness to her for the sake of preserving the nation," says Oleg Skrypka . "Dreamland " tempers the present, elevates strength and health, inspiration and the indomitable Ukrainian spirit! This is a holiday of those who dream, those who create and those who strive to feel the boundlessness of the Universe of Arts. Join us on a journey to the world of boundless dreams, music of wonderful, fiery feelings".

Program of the festival 2024

This year, the "Land of Dreams" festival will be held in the format of a cozy family holiday, many activities will be aimed at young people. But entertainment and curiosities are planned both for children and for guests of a respectable age. A lot of attention in the festival program will be paid to the military. For the needs of the army, Oleg Skrypka's Charity Fund "Dream Land" will hold special meetings, auctions and other activities.

Traditionally, entrance to the festival will be free for defenders, as well as children under 10 years old.

At the "Land of Dreams" festival, guests can expect performances by Ukrainian and foreign performers of various musical genres, rich master classes, art exhibitions, theatrical productions, screenings and many other activities.

The location of the ethnofest will contain several large full stages of live music, as well as a variety of venues, chapels, dance, music and singing workshops. A separate lawn will be equipped for children, where the little ones will be able to enthusiastically play Ukrainian folk games and fun. Men will be able to test their strength in courageous Cossack pastimes and cheer their spirit in herts, a duel of Ukrainian Cossacks.

Performances of ethnic DJs and collaborations with ethnic musicians are planned on the electronic stage.

As part of the festival, there will be a wide variety of traditional and craft fairs of folk crafts and handicrafts, a craft workshop, where everyone will have the opportunity to try themselves as a blacksmith, potter, carver, embroiderer, weaver and many others.

Several locations will be dedicated to live traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

The full program of the festival, the price of entrance tickets and the place of sale will be announced later on Oleh Skrypka's Instagram page.

The organizing committee also announces the search for partners, sponsors and patrons of the festival. They are waiting for their offers by phone +380505379203 or e-mail: [email protected].

More about the festival and its history

"Land of Dreams" is the largest and oldest international ethno-festival in Ukraine, which was started in 2004. The first ethno-fest was held at the Singing Field in Kyiv. The time of the summer festival coincides with the folk holiday of Ivan Kupala (end of June - beginning of July).

The anthem of the festival is the song of the same name and the hit of the VV group "Kraina Mriy", which was written by Oleg Skrypka back in 1998, the clip for which was shot in 2017 and has almost 2 million views.

The festival became a platform for performances and presentations of the works of bands and performers DahaBrah, Nina Matvienko, Boomboks, Mgzavrebi, Kozak System, ONUKA, TNMK, Serhiy Zhadan and Dogs in Space, TNMK, Mandry, Tartak and Gulyaihorod, Perkalaba, Picardyskaya Tertsiya, Ocheretyany Kit .

Since 2004, the festival has been visited by about 1 million visitors, in addition to the traditional Kyiv location, it has also been held in Lviv and London. The festival has 2 seasonal formats - summer and winter. Our guests have already been masters and performers from 30 countries of the world, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Egypt, Great Britain, Morocco, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Finland, France, the Czech Republic and others. .

For 20 years, the festival team has organized and held more than 150 spectacular events, festivals, concerts and events. In particular, the "Land of Dreams" festival in Kyiv, Lviv, London, the Rock Sich festival in 2006-2013, the Montmartre festival at Andriyivskyi Uzvoz in 2013, Kyiv Day - the Feast of Free People in 2016 and many others. Foreign guests and performers from 30 countries took part in our events in Ukraine, and we presented Ukrainian culture in about 100 countries around the world.

In addition, during the year "Dream Land" holds a number of cultural events in Ukraine: the "Rock Sich" festival, dance parties in the style of "Ethno-Disco", the "Young Guard" Heroic Song festival, the Evening of Ukrainian Romance, the Parade of embroidered women, children's balls and traditional French and Ukrainian evening meals. "Land of Dreams" also carries out publishing activities.

Communications director of the Kraina Mryy festival, press service:

Roman Medynskyi, CEO PR Batteries agency



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