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Fixie Show "Careful, Fixie!"

12 September 2020, Sat. 12:00
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from 3.00 EUR
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Fixie Show "Careful, Fixie!" in Kyiv - photo #1 fiksi-shou-oberezhno-fiksiki_centralniy-budinok-oficeriv_110420201200_507
Fixie Show "Careful, Fixie!" in Kyiv - photo #2 fiksi-shou-oberezhno-fiksiki_centralniy-budinok-oficeriv_110420201200_212
Fixie Show "Careful, Fixie!" in Kyiv - photo #3 fiksi-shou-oberezhno-fiksiki_centralniy-budinok-oficeriv_110420201200_824
Fixie Show "Careful, Fixie!" in Kyiv - photo #4 fiksi-shou-oberezhno-fiksiki_centralnyy-dom-oficerov-vsu_110420201200_716

About event

The new date is September 12

What do you know about fixers? What do they fix mechanisms, live in all devices and are afraid of people? Did you know that fiks like to play, dance, sing songs and have fun?

Genius Yevgenyevich Chudakov, a world-renowned scientist, knows about this. He invented a special enlargement machine to introduce all viewers to their favorite fixes! Seven and Nolik gladly agree to take part in this experiment and become huge… Fixies are happy to play with the audience, compete with each other, dance and sing fix songs. The main thing is not to catch the eye of the hall administrator, Umi Palatovna! After all, she does not believe in the existence of fixies…

Do you want to learn how Simka and Nolik will cope with a naughty administrator, and play with your favorite characters and get an incredible amount of positive emotions? Then be sure to come to the new "Fixed SHOW"!

"Fix the SHOW!" - an interactive show that will allow each child to take part in the amazing adventures of fixies. You will instantly grab a tablet or phone, because this is the only licensed show in Ukraine from the creators of the cartoon.
Hyperrealistic characters over two meters tall, embodied by the creators of the series in 3D-print technology, with the voices of real fixers, are waiting for everyone: they speak on the stage as on the screen; amazing scenery and special effects; games and fun.
Little spectators will be delighted!

Admission is free for children under 4 years of age without a separate seat accompanied by an adult (only an adult needs a ticket).
The play is in Ukrainian, designed for children from 3 to 10 years, duration 1 hour.

Festive mood for everyone from small to large will create not only a quality performance, but also a positive atmosphere inside the House of Officers, in the lobby you will meet with Fire, Verta, Spool, Player, Simka and Nolik - the heroes of the only animation program in Ukraine "Fixe BOOM ! ”, With which you can play and take pictures.

See you at the Fixie Show!
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