Focus on LinkedIn: Sales and Customers

22 November 2018, Thu. 19:00
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from 21.21 EUR
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About event

At the "Focus on LinkedIn: Sales and Customers" workshop you will learn:

1. Use LinkedIn to encourage customers
2. Increase sales using Linkedin
3. Build your own brand and company brand

LinkedIn is a unique social network of professionals that can bring your own business into a new orbit. Successful use of LinkedIn will help you sell effectively, search for professionals in a team and even build your own brand and brand of company.

At the master class you will learn:
- use LinkedIn to encourage customers;
- increase sales;
- Build your own brand and brand of the company.

For whom:
- owners of small and medium business;
- Heads of HR and Sales departments;
- consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs;
- experts who independently develop their business;
- those who are looking for partners and investors for their business.

What are we going to talk about:
- LinkedIn for business and private professionals;
- how to get the most out of LinkedIn;
- how to attract customers' attention to you;
- strategies that motivate you to buy a service from you;
- how to find specialists in a team;
- the secrets of customer interaction in order to effectively sell;
- company page: registration and management;
- Who do you need for promotion in LinkedIn;
- how to get the maximum result in just 30 minutes a day;
- LinkedIn: The brand is CEO and brand of the company.

After the master class you:
- Set goals for actions in LinkedIn and know how to achieve them;
- learn the step-by-step instructions for promoting your business;
- Receive two check-ins: creating a profile and "LinkedIn: Strategy B2B";
- Know how to find customers, partners, and staff at LinkedIn;
- Discover new opportunities for promotion.

About the speaker: Olga Yurchenko is a career coach, Career Advisor and LinkedIn strategist. Olga works with professionals who have already reached their career goals, but are looking for themselves in other activities. Helps them find their talents, abilities and implement them in a new field.

Teaches how LinkedIn can help achieve professional goals (job search or clients, partners). Personal experience of changing career path, 5 years of HR work, 3 years of career counseling and two international education in coaching allow Olga to successfully work with professionals from various fields. Olga lives in Denmark, but works with the whole world. Conducts individual consultations, seminars, webinars, group programs, provides long-term support.